Next Generation
Wireless Systems Lab

About us

"We are currently looking for highly motivated graduate students, both PhD and M.Tech. (Research), to join the group and work on cutting-edge and exciting research problems in wireless communications. These address challenges in the physical, MAC, and radio resource allocation layers of current and next generation wireless communication systems. Interested students may email"

The current research work in the lab focuses on performance analysis and design of next generation cellular mobile radio systems such as LTE, wireless system and protocol design for energy harvesting wireless sensor networks, cognitive radio, cooperative communications, multiple antenna systems, and interference modeling.

Recent News
  • Neelesh B. Mehta has been elevated to an IEEE Fellow for contributions to opportunistic selection in wireless communication systems
  • Bala's paper on "Allocating Multiple D2D Users to Subchannels With Partial CSI in Multi-Cell Scenarios" to appear in proceedings of IEEE International Conf. on Communications (ICC), Shanghai, China, May 2019
  • Sayan's paper on "Revisiting Effectiveness of Energy Conserving Opportunistic Transmission Schemes in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks" has been accepted in IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications, 2018
  • Sarvendranath's paper on "Impact of Multiple Primaries and Partial CSI on Transmit Antenna Selection for Interference-Outage Constrained Underlay CR" has been accepted in IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications, 2018

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